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Watch Jessica Jones Season 2 with TVE

It’s time!  In just over 8 hours Netflix will drop the entire second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones for our binging pleasure.  As has become tradition with Marvel Netflix shows, we here at TVEnthusiast will be live tweeting the episodes the very moment they release.  To follow our tweets and join in on the discussion hop on Twitter and look up the hashtag #WatchWithTVE.

While we will not be tweeting through the entirety of the series, we are promising to tweet through at least the first 4 episodes of the season.  We will also be discussing the season on next week’s The Weekly Set podcast, so look forward to that.

Until then, let us know if you are excited for Jessica Jones season 2, and where you think it might rank among the other Marvel Netflix shows.  We hope to see you all on March 8th at Midnight Pacific Standard Time on Twitter.