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The Weekly Set Podcast Episode 133

Will and Tyson are back for another edition of TVEnthusiast’s weekly podcast, The Weekly Set.  This week, for our 133rd podcast, we begin with the news before continuing our discussions of Stranger Things 2, and  Mr. Robot‘s 3rd season.  Amazon. Netflix, and SciFi have some interesting comic book properties in development, and Amazon might be considering a ridiculously expensive opportunity to make a Lord of the Rings TV series.  Meanwhile, Disney announced some new content for their upcoming streaming service amidst speculation that they might be buying Fox.  Then it is on to Stranger Things 2, which has been ramping up the horror, and Mr. Robot, which just had the best episode of its season.

Next week, we will continue our discussion of Mr. Robot‘s 3rd season, and Stranger Things 2.

The Weekly Set is TVEnthusiast’s weekly podcast. Every week, barring few exceptions, Will and Tyson gather to talk about what they have been watching, TV relevant news, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

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