Lord of the Rings TV Series Coming to Amazon

Lord of the Rings fans should be excited, as it appears a TV adaptation of the series will be coming exclusively to Amazon. Both Warner Bros and the Tolkien estate have been attempting to land a TV series for some time apparently, and it seems like Amazon has become the likely landing spot according to Variety.

There is no word on the story line the series would cover or which characters would be involved, but it is sure to make Amazon a ton of cash. The Peter Jackson films brought in about $2.9 Billion worldwide, so a digital TV series with advertisements would surely rope in a profitable amount. Amazon has shifted its development aspect lately to a design fitting of a broader audience. Specifically, they acquired Twitch and are working on developing their own first party video games. Seeing as gamers have a tendency to be Lord of the Rings fans, it makes perfect sense for Amazon to try their hardest to land the series.

Personally, I would love a series based on the Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War video games, but I have  a feeling it will be a self-contained story line. We’ll have to wait for more news to come out for more details, but let us know which characters or story you want to see in a TV series.