What is TV Enthusiast?

Welcome to TV Enthusiast, a new branch of the ever expanding Enthusiast network covering Nintendo and Multiplatform Gaming, each with separate sites. As you have no doubt surmised, the focus of TV Enthusiast is on Television. But what does that mean? The definition keeps changing, expanding, transforming. We have decided to take a broad focus in our interpretation of what television is and an Enthusiast slant towards what we cover. This will not be the place for coverage about the Real Housewives of Soviet Russia or G.P.P.: Generic Police Procedural. Television is a vast and broad landscape and we have decided to target a specific segment of its fans and their interests. We will be covering serialized shows such as Game of Thrones on HBO, Major Internet content such as House of Cards on Netflix, and key web series such as Dr. Horrible or The Guild. Of course we will also cover comedies as well, from FX’s Louie to Comedy Central’s South Park. In addition to content, we will have coverage of associated technology and businesses such as Google’s Chromecast and Netflix Streaming. We will begin coverage with the things we consider most relevant to our audience, but as we expand and grow we will cover more things and call upon our readers in considering what we will cover.

In order to better highlight these individual areas we have given more details for each of our major coverage topics.


While our starting staff is small, we will do our best to cover the most important news for our targeted market. When will the next season of Walking Dead start? Who Has been cast for Season 3 of Hannibal? Answers to these questions will be rolling in daily through our news teams.

The Walking Dead season 5 premieres this October.
The Walking Dead season 5 premieres this October.


Be it a top 10 list or a roundtable discussion about Net Neutrality, our features will represent our individual voices within this channel. We hope to engage with our readers and provide insightful and interesting content to compliment the entertainment we get from our shows.


We have decided not to review individual episodes. We feel that is is better to analyze a season or block of episodes as a single entity. We will also (for now at least) be avoiding review scores as our reviews are more reflective of content than they are recommendations to others. That being said, we will post articles to discuss major story events as they happen, when they happen, giving you ammo for tomorrow’s water cooler discussions


Our sibling sites have had interviews with developers and high profile figures relevant to their respective focuses. Likewise, we will plan to have interviews as well to cover the medium of television content and technology.


One of the most challenging projects we are taking on currently is to build a strong interlinked database for finding content and all relevant information on it. This includes when shows air, who makes them, who is in them, and on which sources they can be found. We hope to eventually create a great tool for tracking your content within the website.


Spread throughout news, features, interviews, reviews and more, will be information and insight into the business, technology, and laws related to content. This discussion can range from reviews of new devices used for viewing content to the lawsuit struggles between broadcasters and alternative delivery services, the impact of piracy, and the changing structural model of content distribution. This will, of course, cover the cord cutting revolution and the recent collapse of net neutrality.

Google's Chromecast is changing the way we approach TV streaming.
Google’s Chromecast is changing the way we approach TV streaming.


We’re going to be a bit hush on this for now, but we have multiple projects in mind that we hope can help to develop a strong relationship between our staff and our readers. The goal of the Enthusiast network has always been to foster a close relationship with its audience. For the Enthusiast, by the Enthusiast.

We hope to provide an interesting perspective on a fascinating and fluctuating industry. Please forgive the inevitable slow start up and keep in touch with us in our comments, as we expand to better suit your interests.